Ned Lord, Publisher, etc., retired from a career in publishing, advertising, copy writing, marketing and sales. He started Sneakaboard Press with a partner and created the books in the "Authors Library." With all of the self-publishers in the world, making a living in the game required skills more apprapo of used car sales than publishing. Ned likes money but lives well, is not greedy, is well suited as a publisher, and Sneakaboard Press quickly became a perfect profile of "the wrong road taken," and Ned took over the business and renamed it Cactus Publishing.

Ned will publish your book for $300 max with no other charges. He has a contract but it's just so you know what Cactus Publishing does. You don't have to sign it so you can get off the hook any time before publishing. After that you can still get off the hook prior to production printing but we would like you to pay for the thee proof copies, (our cost,) and we will destroy all of the files. So you have no responsibility prior to production runs and if you want to be a published author with your book listed on all of the major websites then you are at the right place.
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For $300 you get  three print-book proof copies, an eBook placed on Amazon Kindle and other digital platforms. You buy your books at cost plus a small handling fee. We don't do marketing but share the list of newspapers and book reviewers and you can participate on our blog page that is dedicated to selling books. There are no add on's except actual shipping costs. If you want to see the quality of my work, and reviews, vist the authors page.
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